interactive installation

concept by: Zbynek Krulich & Marura
programming: Marura (interactivity, visuals - Max/MSP Jitter)
sound programming: Cabowitz (Pure Data) http://www.cabowitz.com/
visual data: Zbynek Krulich

Similarly to natural living systems, Artificial Symbiont interacts with its surroundings. It alters and changes its form according to its own needs and the needs of the living systems in its presence. With some of them (human beings in particular), it has developed symbiotic relationship.

interactive installation of artificial symbiont on Vimeo

Interactive installation in this exhibition is an illustration of this principle.
Visitors influence the image and create the sound every time they enter the installation space.
The “behind the scene” part of the installation consists of three little programmes, so-called patches, created in Max/MSP Jitter and Pure Data.
Max/MSP – Jitter and Pure Data are graphical programming environments used mostly for programming multimedia.
The first one - motion tracking patch - detects the movements of the visitor, analyzes it and sends the data into visuals and sound patches.
The second one - visuals patch - uses animation rendered in 3D software and modifies it further, depending on the data received from the motion tracking programme.
The third programme used in the installation is the sound generating engine created by Cabowitz. It receives data from the motion tracking patch and transfers them into sound.

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